The Will and Probate progress, of the late

Barbara Lavinia June Beard

On Thursday the 15th of November 2012 a grant of probate for the above named estate was formerly

issued to Linda J A Swan, hereafter referred to as the executor.

Links to the necessary documents are enclosed together with copies of the completed documents, for

your perusal. 


The Will


Death Certificate


The Headstone


Links to forms and documents relative to the administration of the estate


Stage 1

Administration of Estates Act 1925:

Probate forms and guide:

Inheritance tax form: iht205:

HM Revenue & Customs: How to value the estate of someone who has died - the basics

iht205-2006-2.pdf (application/pdf Object):


Links to:

Standard Provisions of The Society Of Trust And Estate Practitioners

Trustees 0f Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 – Consultation with beneficiaries



Copies of completed documents:

Application for Probate:


Return of Estate Information


Correspondence from various organizations


Stage 2

After Probate has been granted


Application to change the register:


Stage 3

After register has been changed:

Transferring property to the new owners:


Progress Updates

Please, check your E-mails!

Update; The 7th of June 2013

Update; The 3rd of June 2013  

Update; The 31st of May 2013

Update: The 4th of October 2012

Update: the 27th of March 2013

Update: the 24th of March 2013

Update: the 23th of February 2013



Link to:

Personal and Sentimental

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