Original proposal for wording of headstone, sent on the 4th of October 2012 - rejected, due to objection from Rosemary


In loving memory of our dear Mum

Barbara Lavinia June Beard - Née Rose

Born on the 3rd June 1929 – Died on the 6th July 2012

Aged 83 years

Dearly loved & missed beyond understanding

Looking up to you still!


Our dear Brother Mark

Born on the 28th November 1950

Died on the 16th of October 1988

Aged 37 years

Miss you both so very much!


Cost: of letters -   £380.80

Stone:                    £320.00

Church Fees:        £117.00

Total £817.80


Revised headstone wording proposed by Rosemary. Monday the 4th February 2013

I have no objections! However, if anyone has objections, would you please contact me within the next 24 hours, after which, it will be sent to the stonemason.


In Loving Memory

Of our unforgettable, one off, Mum:

Barbara Lavinia June Beard

3rd June 1929 - 6th July 2012

Always in our hearts and prayers,

Until we meet again.


Cost: of letters -   £189.00

Stone:                    £320.00

Church Fees:        £117.00

Total £626.00


After sending this E-mail – Dated 17:31
Dear all,


After speaking with the Stone-Mason and forwarding Rosemary's new,

Proposal; it was mentioned, that the addition for Mark, was not

included. I therefore, require your combined thoughts on the wording, if



Just as a suggestion; we could go with the original wording that I

proposed; with your former intention to eventually move Marks ashes to

Brixham. Another, suggestion, regardless of moving his ashes, would be

to include Mark, by adding wording such as proposed below.


Also remembering her loving Son, our dear Brother Mark


Born on the 28^th of November 1950 Died on the 16^th of October 1988


Always a part of us!


Cost of wording £161.00


This wording added to Rosemary's proposal would amount to £787.00, all



The final proposal is to simply go with Rosemary's wording and add the

wording for Mark, at a later date and when you are all agreed on costs,

which will inevitably, be collected from individual family members and

therefore _not_, be deducted from the estate


As you will no doubt have noticed, from http://www.willupdate.org/

whilst we have been awaiting Rosemary's proposal, the church fees have

risen from £81.00 to £117.00. I have altered the costing accordingly. I

have been advised that any further delay, could lead to further elevated



15, Cumber Close, has also, needed to be heated throughout the colder

weather, to avoid dampness, damage to the property!


To avoid further costs, It would also be sensible for those

beneficiaries, who have thus-far, not removed the remaining furniture,

belonging to them, to do so before mid May. Torbay Council, stated,

after six months from the "Grant of Probate" council tax will be payable

at a rate of 90%, if indeed, there is _any furniture at all_ in the



I received this E-mail from Dionne at 13:40 on the 21/02/2013

I have spoken with Rob and he would like the message that Rosie proposed and 
I believe after speaking to the others that they all agree. He is also happy 
for you to put the wording on there for Mark but after discussion he thinks 
that there is to much red tape to go through re Marks children to propose moving
 Mark even tho it was your mums wishes. So hopefully the head stone can now at last get ordered.
I have also forwarded this e mail to Rosie as I know she doesn't open any e mails from yourself. 
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I replied, as follows- at 14:58 on the 21/02/2013
Many thanks, for your prompt, reply Dionne 

I am currently, sourcing a gardener to tidy up in general as apparently, there 
is a considerable amount of debris from the palm fronds etc. 

Just to let you know, I have paid £100 pounds into your account, as promised, 
for the work you did, to help out with clearing the property. This was much appreciated. 

Hope all is well with the family 

Kind regards 


I have added words for Mark, which I feel to be appropriate. I have consulted Theresa and hope this meets with your combined approval.


Final wording for Headstone: posted to Stonemason - 21/02/2013


In Loving Memory

Of our unforgettable, one off, Mum:

Barbara Lavinia June Beard

3rd June 1929 - 6th July 2012

Always in our hearts and prayers,

Until we meet again.

Also, remembering her beloved Son, Mark, our dear Brother

who died on the 16th of October 1988 aged only 37yrs.

Always a part of us


Cost: of letters -   £336.40

Stone:                    £320.00

Church Fees:        £117.00

 Total                      £773.40

The Final part of the memorial, Re: Mark and proposed by me, has now been deleted, due to objection from Rosemary!

Please see: the final wording proposed by Rosemary and accepted by all, at the top of the http://www.willupdate.org/ home page, under “The Headstone”